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Recognising & Exporting Indigenous Talent to Advance Indigenous Peoples' Prosperity

i2i - Indigenous to Indigenous

Our Mission

To increase the long-term prosperity of Indigenous communities and emerging economies by leveraging Indigenous peoples links internationally. Drawing on a respect for Indigenous culture, values and beliefs, we empower individuals and communities through facilitating business ownership and decent work opportunities, fair commercial partnerships, access to capital investments and facilitating Indigenous to Indigenous delivery of services.

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i2i Provides Value to your Organisation

Whether you are a Development Partner seeking to maximise the benefits from your aid and investments, or a multinational company seeking to establish greater business linkages with developing communities, i2i provides value by:

  1. Elevating the voice of Indigenous people and recognising the growing stream of educated and experienced Indigenous professionals;
  2. Inspiring trustful relationships through alignment of shared values across cultures;
  3. Empowering long-term development impacts for projects by integrating: 
    • Indigenous engagement in the design and delivery of services
    • market drivers and capacity to embed new technologies 
  4. Introducing business models that incentivises locally owned and profitable businesses;
  5. Creating new and decent work opportunities and skills for Indigenous Australians and residents of developing communities;
  6. Increasing commercial opportunities and partnerships for Indigenous business;
  7. Increasing access to capital to invest in Indigenous enterprises.

Our Latest News

The Power of Indigenous to Indigenous Engagement

i2i builds on the paradigm that Indigenous talent of one culture can effectively facilitate transfer of ideas and adoption of innovations.

i2i members of WIBN

i2i has two representatives in the World Indigenous Business Network. 

i2i welcome Nicole to the family
i2i welcomes Nicole Isifu to the family

i2i are pleased to announce the appointment of Nicole Isifu to our team in PNG.

PNG Agribusiness

i2i contracted by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to deliver an agribusines project in PNG