i2i welcomes Nicole Isifu to the family

i2i - Indigenous to Indigenous

i2i welcomes Nicole Isifu to the family

December 29, 2016

i2i welcome Nicole to the family

It is the intention that the YEG will become more engaged with both industry and Government and actively contribute to ideas that create stronger PNG owned businesses in agriculture and other sectors such as retail, tourism and hospitality.   Further, it is hoped the groups experience will generate increased enthusiasm and participation in small business and actively inform their wider networks of the importance of small business to the local economy.


Nicole is a determined and inspiring young woman eager to make a difference in PNG by encouraging young people to have a voice and positively contribute to the nations development. 


We welcome Nicole to the i2i family. 


Following is short statement from Nicole describing herself and her determination.


I was born on the 25th of April 1997.  I am the second born of six children. I grew up with my parents. I’m a mixed parentage of East New Britain and East Sepik Province. My father is working with the National Judicial Services in Kokopo as an associate to Justice Terrance Higgins and my mother is a Secondary School teacher.


When I was three my mum went back for further studies in Goroka University to take up bachelor in Education. I stayed with my relatives for almost four years. I was raised up in the village and felt how village life was. I still love my village way of living and upbringing. My grandparents would involve us grandchildren in the family chores such as cocoa harvesting and gardening.


Though life has been very challenging, I grew up with some sort of mind set to change my village life because of the way my people have being affected through how the service delivery is being done by the government.


My mum is the only one working while the rest are subsistence farmers. I sympathized with them because the only way of earning their living is through Cocoa and Vegetable farming. This has inspired, motivated, and made me a strong girl to think and try to understand how situations have come about and to help find strategies to help educate them and how to look after the resources that we have.


I was inspired by my Dad’s advices and challenges. He would tell us stories of how he was raised up by his parents. He would collect empty bottles to sell and pay for his school fee as his parents were not really supportive of his education. That had a great impact and motivates me so much, so I can do something and prove to him that I can pay for my own school fee as well. One of his advice is ‘A WAY FORWARD IS A STEP FORWARD. THERE IS NO FAIRYTALE ENDING IN PNG. YOU MUST TAKE THE RISK TO EARN THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. SUFFER NOW ENJOY LARER.


Determination is something that makes someone successful. Without it you do not have the drive to achieve great things or better yourself. Your life is yours to control and to create whatever your heart desires and determination will help you in doing so.  By being determined you are opening a door for the betterment of tomorrow, future achievements and overall happiness in your life.


As I grew up, seeing and experiencing how hard life is in this cunning and harsh world, I have the determination to take a step forward to make a better change for the betterment of tomorrow. The future of this young nation relies on this young generation. Therefore, I would like to urge young Papua New Guineans to have the determination to learn and expose what they think is best for the nation.  PNG is a democratic country and we have all the right to freedom.  Freedom of movement, freedom of speech etc.


As a young woman, I have the heart for the youth, especially girls and boys who are still in school. As we all know and have felt how hard life is back at our door steps, we must raise up and make a change. The future leaders of PNG are at our age. We can see that corruption is just right under our nose, are we just going to blame the government and the leaders for that? We must see them as challenges and take a step forward to make a change and say MISTAKES ARE OUR STEPPING STONES. We must have the determination.


PNG has not been putting PNG products to the world market. Try go to supermarkets and check the labels of the products there, you can’t find many PNG products.  I can honestly say, PNG is a rich country in terms of resources, but how are we going to make those resources productive, we need resourceful people. PNG has skillful people who are working with foreign companies and some skillful Papua New Guineans have been exported to work in other countries, how about we create and start our own companies, factories, etc.  which will help create more employment and generate more revenue, thus will boast the economy and the living standard of the people.


Nicole Isifu

November 2017